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After reading, you should make an evaluation. This is what makes it a book review. This is not criticizing. It involves analysis and critical thinking. It does not also mean disagreeing with the work. Just consider the work with the unaided power of human reason, bereft of emotions. In the review, marshal out the core arguments and say how effectively or otherwise they were presented. Did they help the reader in understanding the topic or not? State this if you claim to know how to write an academic book review.

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Writing good academic book reviews gets easier with experience, just like any skill. And provided you meet your deadlines and are amenable to any changes your editor may wish you to implement, your opportunities to make contributions in this genre and to the collective pursuits of a community committed to the advancement of knowledge will only increase with time. All you need to do is take that first step.

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The introduction is followed by the evaluation and analysis section. This is where you do the bulk of the review. This is where you give your personal evaluation with quotations and examples from the book, so as to prove the assessment you are making about the work. If you are commending the work for being detailed in the assessment of topics, point to the pages, paragraphs and sentences that did this in the book. If you are condemning, a similar thing should be done. For those who know how to write an academic book review, the major reference will come from the book itself. After this, you should move to the conclusion. This is where you give a very clear summation of all you have done. Sate what the work contributes to the field it treats. What does it say about further research on the topic? Also, state what readers will benefit from your review in the bid to understand the milieu or time period being discussed in the book.