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Writing a book can seem like a monumental task, but the writing is really only the first portion of the work that’s required to create a successful Kindle book. In the long run, creating and running a successful marketing campaign to sell the book could take even more effort. The best Kindle book marketing encompasses social media and KDP Select promotions, optimized keywords in your Kindle description, and of course, gathering Amazon book reviews from satisfied readers.

Even the worst scourge of paid book reviews, , is back in business offering $5 Amazon book reviews.

Unlike most literary reviews, which rely on freelancers, Amazon Book Review depends on content mostly churned out by the Amazon bookworms at the tune of a couple of posts a day. That includes about 10 book reviews per month.

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It took me less than ten minutes to find the following sites offering ‘verified’ paid Amazon book reviews.

But now we hear that . What? After three years of knowing very well that Fiverr is, was and has been the ‘go to‘ site for authors wanting paid Amazon book reviews? It’s hardly been a state secret. I just did a quick search of Fiverr and returned hundreds of offers of paid Amazon book reviews.

Every author wants more Amazon book reviews, as they are one of the elements in making a book potentially more appealing to book buyers. But the hard truth is that organic reviews are very hard to get, as only a small percentage or Amazon book buyers ever leave a review.If you have your Kindle book optimized to ASK for reviews (just like how I showed above), then using the KDP Select Free Promotion service that Kindle Direct Publishing provides is very useful for getting Amazon book reviews.While a great book and patience are the best ways to get Amazon book reviews, there are few things you can try that might give your book a better chance of gaining more reviews.If you are a new self-published author, you may not know that about two years ago, Amazon went a little ‘thermo-nuclear’ on book reviews. Why? Because paid Amazon book reviews were big business, as describes in detail.There are many self-published authors who try their very best to write, promote and , and by obeying the rules. But it would appear the there is no rule book when it comes to Amazon book reviews, and even though Amazon tried to clean up the swamp, all they achieved was to .The that Amazon is to sue 1,000 fake reviewers. However, I am not sure what the difference is between a fake and a paid review. One thing is certain, though, paid Amazon book reviews are rife, and Amazon has ignored this issue for a very long time.