The 5 Best AP Chemistry Books: Full Expert Reviews

On top of this, we found that the book is structured just like the AP Chemistry course. It outlines and explains the information you’ll need to know by following the six Big Ideas defined by the College Board. It also comes very close to the new exam curriculum decided by the College Board. This may seem obvious, but many of the other AP Chemistry review books out there have not updated their information to coincide with the current AP expectations. Both the subject matter and the example exams contained in the book reflect these updates, giving you the closest thing to a real exam that you’ll get.

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The 5 Steps to a 5 series is fast becoming a favorite for those taking the AP exams. Unlike many of the other AP Chemistry review books, this one is not structured around the College Board’s course syllabus or the six Big Ideas. Instead, you’ll find chapters like Set up Your Study Program and Develop Strategies for Success. We definitely found this review the easiest to read.

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I just wanted to know if their were any ap chemistry review books (however old the edition may be; im sure amazon has it) ..

Studying for an AP exam can be stressful. The days and weeks leading up to the exam are usually filled with late-night cramming, endless hours of textbook reading, and answering countless practice questions that your brain probably hurts just thinking about the upcoming exam itself. But don’t worry—there is hope! Lucky for you there are scores of AP Chemistry review books out there that can help you focus your time and energy. But which one do you choose?