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We’re here to help you with that. We have reviewed the best AP Chemistry Review books for 2015, including comments on both the good and the bad. We cannot replace the stress that might come with the AP exams, but we can help you decide on which review book is the best fit for you.

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This AP review book series from Princeton has earned a reputation for their high quality, including this AP Chemistry review book, and this one is a favorite among AP Chemistry teachers. If they think it works, you might too. The example questions that are provided in this review book closely reflect the ways they are written in the actual AP exam. They also reflect the analytical expectations that are laid out by the College Board.

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On top of this, we found that the book is structured just like the AP Chemistry course. It outlines and explains the information you’ll need to know by following the six Big Ideas defined by the College Board. It also comes very close to the new exam curriculum decided by the College Board. This may seem obvious, but many of the other AP Chemistry review books out there have not updated their information to coincide with the current AP expectations. Both the subject matter and the example exams contained in the book reflect these updates, giving you the closest thing to a real exam that you’ll get.