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I’m ok with that. I am well aware that expecting only good reviews is completely unrealistic. Not everyone likes everything and it would be a really dull world if they did. Bad book reviews can actually be quite helpful.

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who gets a few negative book reviews, learn to take criticism. Think of it as an opportunity to take an honest second look at your writing against that feedback. It’s a chance to improve. Take advantage of it. And then let it go. A bad book review is not a cancer diagnosis.

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ROMER: Another example is the website Ashley Madison, the one where you go to cheat on your spouse. Berger says people signed up like crazy after hackers leaked the names of the site's users. The market's reaction to the security breach was basically wait, there's a website that lets me cheat on my spouse? How come no one told me about that? Berger says, bad press has helped sales because there are two distinct things that happen when we read a bad review. Let's go back to the book example for this. The first thing that happens when we read that bad book review is that we become aware of the book at all. The second thing is that we learn that the reviewer thinks the book is bad. But our brains only really hang on to the first part.