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It generally takes a lot of patience to become a book reviewer. Editors of newspapers, magazines, and websites have no shortage of who want to review books. For this reason, it is important to learn as much as possible about book reviewing, as well as the individual publication, beforehand. Read as many book reviews as possible to get a sense for the tone and content found in the reviews. Remember, book reviews are traditionally somewhat less formal than book critiques written by critics; reviews tend to focus more on the reviewer,s opinion, as well as the perceived merits of the book, rather than more technical literary information.

When you ask us, “How to Become a Book Reviewer?” We say, “It’s not hard, join us!”

You like reading and finding new books, right? You like talking about books, right? Then this is for you! Become a certified Bookkus Reviewer. It entitles you to brag to your brainy, pretentious friends, and you to print it on your business card.

How to Become a Book Reviewer : Bookkus Publishing

How to Become a Paid Book Reviewer - Real Ways to Earn

Most book reviewers are freelance writers who are paid per piece, if they are paid at all. Some simply write book reviews on a volunteer basis, and in exchange, will receive free books to review, sometimes ahead of their publication dates. The most important advice for someone who wants to become a book reviewer is simply to keep writing, and always meet assigned deadlines. Like any other freelance writing career, it can be difficult to get started, but for someone who enjoys reading books and writing about them, it is a great choice.

To become an eBook Discovery Reviewer all you need is...

1. A love for ebooks.

2. A way to download and read ebooks on an eReader device, computer, phone, tablet or app.

3. The willingness to post honest reviews at the eRetailer(s) of your choice.

4. Time to read and review at least two ebooks a month (ebooks will be provided free of charge).

5. Agree to abide by the Read & Review Club's simple How to Become a Freelance Book Reviewerwith Bernadette Geyer (4 weeks, starting 9/12/2016) Limit: 10 students. Early registration is recommended.