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All the materials you’ll need to in order to submit your reviews (Book Review forms, sample book reviews, lists of award-winning books, etc) are on the Library’s Teen Zone webpage or pick up a print copy of the Book Review Packet at your local branch.

Book Review Request Form - The Unveiled Wife Book

This FREE download is for 6 various book review templates to choose from. Graphic organizers have been included to correspond with the book review template format to help organize student thinking. **You can use these different book review templates for student choice, to differentiate for students who have trouble with creative titles, for students who write more or less than others, or as a means of adding variety to the book reviewsyou will display in your classroom.** Enjoy!

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A great book review form to have your students fill out for books in your classroom library so that other students can utilize to help them pick out a book that is right for them.