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You can also see in the above photo of my journal that I've printed and adhered a copy of the book cover of the current book that I'm reading...I love "visual aides". For those of you who would like to participate in completing a "Book Review Journal", then please leave me a comment with your blog post links. Please be sure that your posts have the following "Art Journal Collage" button and I'll post a link to your blog on my sidebar:

Book Review Information for Journals ..

This year I am participating in a few reading challenges and I didn't want to for the "perfect" application of a "card catalog" to get started! So, I discussed the idea with my friend, Lucy from , because I am participating in her , and she encouraged me to post about my idea to create a "Book Review Journal". Lucy has an interest in illustrating her favorite heroines and the idea of creating her own journal for her favorite books and challenges was exciting to her as well. We also thought it would appeal to other readers participating in challenges if they could share in this process on-line with us.

Writing a Book Review for the NACADA Journal

Art Book Reviews and Journals

Another tool that I've put together are what I call "Book Review Journal Prompts" and it is simply a list of 13 (my lucky number) questions that I put together to help describe the book. You can answer these questions in any order that you like and you do not even have to answer all of them if you don't feel the need. Again, these are simply "prompts" to jog your journaling and you do not have to actually "write out the questions" when you are making your notes...just use the corresponding number if you need it as a reference...keep it simple sweetie! I have printed out these "prompts" and adhered them to the inside cover of my journal so that I have them handy.