Which brings me to the difficult subject of book reviews.

Retain your status as a paid, professional book reviewer by staying current and relevant in the field. Keep on top of new releases, specifically those in your favorite genres. In addition, most major book sites like Amazon and Barnes and Noble have sections regarding upcoming releases. Following publishers on Twitter, or signing up for their marketing emails may also result in insider scoops.

Drewry, John. Writing Book Reviews. Boston: The Writer, 1974.

it's good for teaching and homework when they have read a book at school they can write a book review and tell you what happened in the story. At home it can be for their home book so then you will know if they have read it or not.

The Blank Book Review file looks like this:

great resource for writing book reviews. Anchor charts. Chart of book review noticings

A galley is basically an advance reading copy of your manuscript. It canbe unbound or bound into book form. Bound galleys are usually preparedafter a manuscript has been typeset, but before proofreading. Galleys areused for promotion and are sent to book reviewers and distributors beforethe manuscript is published.

We know that it is hard enough to write, edit and then publish your book or ebook, let alone get a professional book review. We offer indie published authors or published authors an honest and tactful book review within 4-6 weeks. **You can now list your ebook and have it reviewed on TBR**Before making a submission to any book reviewer, check with the Website listed for submission instructions, or send a query letter to the email address.Below you will find a list of eBook Reviewers. All the websites listed below will accept eBooks for reviews, and you will have to abide by the guidelines of each site to request one.These book reviewers have been updated as indicated by the date noted after the listing. Note that the list also often includes the website URL for other reporter contacts at these newspapers. If the contact is vital to you, verify the book reviewer's name and address before making submissions.