Which brings me to the difficult subject of book reviews.

This is why I too have stopped accepting books to review for free. Having written one, I know the sweat and tears that go into it, so I empathize with all authors. However, I also am a relatively picky reader (it’s all those graduate school lit classes!). Unless the topic is something I’m really interested in, I pass. And when I accept a book to review, I tell the person promoting that if I don’t like it, I won’t review it. In the case that you’re talking about here, Carol, why were you even in touch with the author herself?

Books, Babies, and Bows: Free Book Review Template for Kids

As you can see, background information is very important when writing a book review. Try to incorporate as much as you can from the beginning of the essay as this will help when you begin to put across your evidence for analysis.

Book Review Template: A Book Commercial

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A good book review is elementary in attracting a larger gamut of readers. It is the first impression of the story plot and the narration style of the book. Book Article Review Templates are a reflection of the story telling that gives the readers just the right cue to take up for further reading of the book. A good book review template will also give a general detail of the author. Here are some templates that offer the perfect framework that can be used to make the most interesting book review formats

Moving on to the book review in a weekend supplement I had a look at the format of some book reviews. Many feature a small image of the book but from the ones I looked at most were spread out over a few columns, sub headings and headings were in different colours / fonts or sizes and there tended to be a use of serif and sans serif fonts within the same article. Headers tended to tell something about the theme of the book and then the publication of the book and author details etc were also stated.I’m ok with that. I am well aware that expecting only good reviews is completely unrealistic. Not everyone likes everything and it would be a really dull world if they did. Bad book reviews can actually be quite helpful.Save your file as the book name and your name e.g. Harry Potter Mr Roberts. Remember where you saved your file on your computer. Go to the and press Edit this Page. Then choose File from the toolbar at the top of the page (a box with a little picture of an orange sun above two green mountains). Press Upload Files. You will then need to find where you saved your Book Review file on your computer. Press Open and after a few seconds it will appear on the list. Double click on the file and it should appear on the page. To finish, press Save.The problem is the pressure. There is so much pressure that goes along with writing book reviews. First and foremost, I have to form a definite opinion about the book! As Andrew will tell you, making decisions is not my strong suit. See, lots of times when I read a book, it’s like I sort of like it, except maybe not completely but then again it was pretty good, you know? That kind of thinking does not a good blog post make. So instead I have to force myself to focus and determine what exactly I liked about a book and which parts didn’t work as well. And then I have to write it… semi-eloquently!