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A lot of the concepts are pretty straightforward but definitely not easy to implement. And although it's not a book strictly about productivity or time management, these ideas will make you more productive and ultimately more successful if you can make them work for you. The ideas in Essentialism apply equally to living your life and building a great business. There will be a lot of discussion around this book, which is why it's a great option for a Business Book review.

This is the second instalment in my 5 minute business book review series

That’s where Aspire’s Business Book Reviews come in. A regular ongoing series where Kansas City business owners and professionals will be able to pick up the key ideas and themes from a great business book…and figure out how to start applying those ideas right away. For less than the price of a hardback copy, you’ll get breakfast (or maybe lunch) and a complete summary and review of an important book.

Business book reviews: Unleash the Power of Diversity and Grit

Looking for a great Christmas present? We suggest checking out regular business book reviewer Ian Mann's top-5 of the year.

This is the second instalment in my 5 minute business book review series. You can listen to the first review here. Subscribe to the podcast on iTunes Subscribe via RSS (non iTunes) Subscribe on Stitcher Book Review: 80/20 Sales and Marketing: The Definitive Guide to Working Less and Making More In this week’s book review,…