Welcome to this weeks’ Christian Book Review Friday”.

If you are a Christian Book Reviewer who reads and review books geared for Christian audiences, we invite you to share a link to your book review for this week below here to share with others.

Welcome to this weeks’ Christian Book Review Friday”.

Christian Book Reviews is an interdisciplinary, co-operative, website dedicated to reviewing books and other media dealing with issues related to Christianity. These reviews are intended for the serious reader interested in church history, current affairs, missions and the history of missions, philosophy, politics, religion, religious dialogue, social issues, theology, and world religions. Each review will describe the content of a particular work before offering an evaluation in terms of its scholarly and practical significance.

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Welcome to our first “Christian Book Review” carnival on March 5, 2010.

By “Christian book reviewer” we mean a Christian who reviews books from a Christian worldview. This is different from focusing on reviews of Christian books from any perspective.

You must also be able to provide first chapter excerpts, author bios, and author photos to Christian Book Previews. We do not review books that promote a particular denomination, but are for the general market. You are welcome to submit galleys, ARCs, and finished books; keep in mind that our reviewers may prefer the finished books and wait until it is available.Between all of my websites, I receive a minimum of 200,000 hits per month and growing. My sites continually snowball with targeted traffic. For an index of Christian book reviews and descriptions, go to my Page. Or see the list below.Through my Christian Book Reviews and Promotion program I give more than just a simple review of a paragraph or two or use a quick submission by the author. I write compelling copy for each review. Both differ from each other in order to reach a larger audience.Go to enjoy the review by Christian Book Previews naming Beyond the Suffering “book of the year.” Visit for Trevin Wax’s encouraging and insightful review. For additional endorsements of Beyond the Suffering by leaders in the field, visit . Visit for Pastor Paul Tautges’ review: Living Victoriously Beyond the Suffering. Watch the of Beyond the Suffering.