Chromebook Review: Should You Buy One?

Looking for comparisons of the best Chromebook Review out there? Then check out our list of the and latest news on Gadget Review. Chromebooks, running the Google Chrome OS, debuted in 2011 and have since then become a favorite with people that primarily want a notebook for web-based tasks and light gaming online. were the first ones to hit the market; since then other manufacturers have introduced Chromebook models too.

Chromebook Review: Should You Buy One

Like Chromebooks, but want one that features HD graphics and a backlit keyboard? will inform you on the feature set that the latest Chromebooks bring to the table.Apart from technical specifications, performance, and price, a Chromebook review on Gadget Review will also inform you on the goodies that sellers often bundle with Chromebooks. These can include 3G or 4G data connectivity for a period, free storage on Google Drive, and more.While the Chromebook is ideal for working online, you can download applications from the Chrome Web Store for offline work. This makes Toshiba Chromebooks, HP Chromebooks, Dell Chromebooks, and Samsung Chromebooks an ideal budget replacement for laptops.

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Chromebook reviews is helping you choose what the best Chromebook for you by doing comparisons of different models. With new Chromebooks coming out every month it becomes harder and harder to decide which one will meet your needs. Look below for the comparisons we have done recently to further help you decide what to buy. Another great way to further research is by reading user reviews of the various Chromebooks, so follow the link below to see the best selling Chromebooks and what recent purchasers think of their purchase.