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Each CMA exam part will cover the topics above. For example, Performance Management will constitute 25% of each Part 1 exam. 1.4 LEVEL OF PERFORMANCE REQUIRED The ICMA has specified three levels of coverage as reproduced below and indicated in its content specification outlines. All topics on the CMA exam are tested up to Skill Level C. The relative proportions of multiple-choice questions are: Skill Level A - 25%, Skill Level B - 50%, and Skill Level C - 25%. Authors’ note: Rely on the questions at the end of each study unit in each CMA Review book and in CMA Test Prep Software, Test Prep for Windows Mobile, and CMA Gleim Online. Level A: Requiring the skill levels of knowledge and comprehension. Level B: Requiring the skill levels of knowledge, comprehension, application, and analysis. Level C: Requiring all six skill levels: knowledge, comprehension, application, analysis, synthesis, and evaluation. See Appendix D of a Part 1 or 2 Gleim CMA Review book for a reprint of the ICMA’s discussion of “Types and Levels of Exam Questions.” Conceptual vs. Calculation Questions Some of the CMA test questions will be calculations, in contrast to conceptual questions. The ICMA has approved the use of two calculators (see Study Unit 7, Subunit 10) to assist in this area. Beginning in May of 2011, certain essay questions will include a spreadsheet to assist with calculations, including net present value. 1.5 GLEIM STUDY UNITS We have divided the overall task of preparing for the CMA exam into 10 study units for each part of the exam. These study units conform to (or parallel) the ICMA CSOs. The average study unit in CMA Review is 50 pages (including CMA questions and Gleim answer explanations and an essay question) and can be completed in one study session. Study Unit 2 in this booklet contains a comprehensive listing of the ICMA CSOs on the left and the corresponding Gleim study units on the right. Most IMA areas are broken down into more than one Gleim study unit. Each of the Gleim CMA Review books has an ICMA CSO with a corresponding Gleim study unit listing for that exam part.

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Each Gleim CMA Review book covers a different part of the CMA exam and comes complete with outlines, multiple-choice questions, answer explanations, and essay questions to facilitate learning. Our intuitively appealing presentations promote study discipline, while challenging questions and explanations facilitate learning and understanding. These review books are available per part or as part of a set.

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2.3 THE KEY TO PASSING THE CMA EXAM The CMA exam tests a large amount of subject matter that candidates must study and review, a process involving a lot of work. Additionally, the exam is difficult, time-constrained, and tricky (or, stated politely, “discriminating”). Each part tests a wide body of knowledge. The Gleim CMA Review series focuses on the skills and knowledge needed to pass the CMA exam. This booklet, CMA Review: A System for Success, assists the CMA candidate beyond the actual studying of the subject matter tested. It facilitates preparation for success on the CMA exam and demonstrates the difference between passing and failing. Re-examination candidates benefit immensely from this material as well. Preparation is the key: Know what to expect and what to do to pass the exam! Notice the similarity of being prepared and being in control. When you are prepared, you know what to expect and what to do! Control yields confidence. Control is exactly what Gleim CMA Review gives you. Be positive! View CMA preparation and the exam as a challenge that will be fun when you are in control. You will PASS if you 1. 2. Study and understand the information in this booklet. Work through each study unit in the current edition of our CMA Review books, Test Prep Software, Test Prep for Windows Mobile, Audio CDs, Gleim Online, and Essay Wizard as suggested in Study Unit 6, Subunit 10. a. Each 20-question test in CMA Test Prep Software and Test Prep for Windows Mobile takes only 30 minutes and should be viewed as a challenging, exciting game in which you continually improve with practice.