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It has been several months since my last comic book review. Not that I stopped reading comics – oh no – I was just a little bit swamped with other things in life. In that intervening time, however, I was finally able to watch Thor: The Dark World. I thought it was OK, but not superb. How do I know this? Because even now, just months after watching it, I had to look up a plot summary to remember exactly what happened! That’s definitely not the sign of a great movie. Anyway, I did like the parts about the evil dark elf Malekith. Just the other day I got to thinking that I have the comics where he makes his first appearance, so I thought I’d continue my pseudo-streak of reviewing older Thor comics. Lucky you!

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This is our first comic book review. Both sides of the comic book world Marvel and DC Comics have been battling on several fronts recently. Competing movie and television series, as well as reworked, re-envisioned rebooted comic book universes with lots of diversity are the components of the current battle. Still I was surprised to see diversity extending to placing two of the most popular female characters in the DC universe a nudist setting. Harley Quinn #8 2016 Harley And Ivy Go To A Nudist Colony Together does just that.

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