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“Lloyd’s Twilight Reign contains all the things we feel are lacking in the Wheel of Time. Danger. Death. Consequences. . . . If you aren’t reading this series, you are doing yourself an immense disservice.”
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A few more sites have reviewed the book. Two big thumbs up from Elitist Book Reviews. A big thumbs up from The Intelli-Gent Reviews. Now, the fact of the matter is that not everyone will like every book. Some fantasy readers don’t think much of Tolkien. Others don’t like Brooks. Others don’t like Jordan. The list goes

Anyway, all this is a sidebar to the true point. Attending SDCC and sundry I can struggle to find human beings to connect with in the mess of media; I do, and it’s a great deal of fun, but damn if I don’t feel the marketing crosshairs of a billion brands settle on me soon as I walk through the doors. That’s part of the plan, after all. We go to big media conventions to see crazy stuff and meet people, and also to walk in the presence of small gods—Lord Nintendo and Lady Legendary Pictures and Sir Lucasfilm and Lord Has of Bro. Attending WorldCon I felt more like I sat down at a large fire surrounded by very cool people, ready to chat, make friends, tell stories, share drinks. I made great friends—not least the other Campbell nominees, Mur and Chuck and Stina and their families, and David and Steve and Justin the other folks from r/fantasy, John and Patrick and the rest of the SF Signal crowd, Steve of Elitist Book Reviews, Shaun of Skiffy and Fanty, and a ton of people from Tor, and of course Valya and Nancy, and Editors Without Parallel Marco and David, and I shook hands with Howard Tayler and with Phil Foglio and John Scalzi and Saladin Ahmed and I met Elizabeth Bear and Scott Lynch in line for drinks and Elizabeth Bear said she really liked my book, like in person and spontaneously, and I hung out with Nick Mamatas and Paolo Bacigalupi and Jason Heller at an airport and I was in the nominees audience for a Campbell Award with my wife and I went to the after party and and oh god I’m going to stop now or else I’ll overload my keyboard with excitement.Elitist Book Reviews: First, thanks for agreeing to answering a few questions for our readers at Elitist Book Reviews. We’d like to give you a chance to introduce yourself to the readers and maybe even brag a bit. Why should everyone be reading your work?