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"I was grateful for all the practical information you included in How to Get Your Book Reviewed. There are so many ebooks out there that seem like they are just thrown together. It's always a treat to come across one that has real's like eating a nice juicy hamburger instead of a rice much more satisfying. Thanks for giving me something I can really sink my teeth into."

— Dana da Ponte, co-author of Dismissed

You probably don’t need convincing on the importance of getting ebook reviews.

If you have your Kindle book optimized to ASK for reviews (just like how I showed above), then using the KDP Select Free Promotion service that Kindle Direct Publishing provides is very useful for getting Amazon book reviews.

MBR: Author/Publisher Information - (Get a Book Reviewed)

Despair not, my friend because in this guide on how to get book reviews, I’ll show you.

So before launching your next book, start thinking ahead of time how to get book reviews. It could make all the difference from launching with a bang or a fizzle.

That all depends on your goals. While there are some major book review services that provide reviews at a fee (Kirkus and Foreword are the most popular), that fee might be out of your price range. Are you willing to spend $400 to get a book review from one of the biggest and most respected book reviewers in the business? Keep in mind it’s not necessarily a good review, either. It’s an honest review of your work, and it’s coming from tough reviewers.Work with your publisher. Some publishers will workwith authors to help them get book reviews, depending on thecompany's size and promotional budget. Some will also have a listof contacts who have already reviewed their titles already. Find out how many review copies your publisher is willing toprovide, and whether they will do the mailing for you (saving youmuch time and expense).Since this article was so popular, we knew reviews were a real pain point for authors like you. That’s why we created a tool to help you to get more book reviews. Keep reading to learn more!"As a result of my reading this book, I feel confident to venture into the marketplace with my debut novel. What once was a mysterious process now makes perfect sense. Dana Lynn Smith knows just how to speak the author's language by appealing to our longing for long-term writing success. How To Get Your Book Reviewed is the On Writing of obtaining and implementing quality book reviews."