How to get Your Book Reviewedby:

NOTE: where some of the editors of the blogs/journals/podcasts mentioned here tell us what their biggest do’s and don’ts are when it comes to getting your book reviewed.

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(If you’d prefer NOT to get your book reviewed, please see below.)

Therefore if you don’t want to get your book reviewed, your e-mail will look more like this:

A while back I wrote a post called which basically laid out what to do and what not to do when e-mailing potential reviewers of your book. It was based both on what had worked for me and the eyes-glazing-over crap that landed in my inbox day after day, because I’m listed on a publicly accessible list of book bloggers. But much like my post about , it was difficult to really put into words just how to get your book reviewed, i.e. specify the content of an e-mail that would make me go, “Why, yes. I think I would like to review this book. Send it to me at once!”