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Writing a book review may seem very difficult, but in fact there are some simple rules you can follow to make the process much easier.

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Each month all of the completed reviews are compiled for the new edition of Naval History Book Reviews. Individual reviews are posted on our blog, you can view them . In addition to the review, a link is provided to purchase the book on Amazon, with a small referral fee being provided to NHF for each sale. The reviews for each edition are bundled in an e-letter that goes out to NHF members and friends, an archive of those e-letters can be found . Readers with an interest in responding to the review (including book authors) are encouraged to post their review in the comments on the book review blog page on our website.

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We regularly receive review copies of new publications about naval history from publishers around the world. The copies are provided to us gratis, with the intention of spurring reviews and informed dialogue about the book. Additionally, we encourage NHF members who have published books to provide us a review copy. Each month, we publish a new edition of Naval History Book Reviews, including a list of books available to review. Potential reviewers may contact Dr. Dave Winkler at with requests to review a book. Books are sent out within 3 days of requests to review being made, and the reviewer is allowed to keep the book for their own collection. Draft reviews are submitted to NHF for an initial read, and comments are returned to the reviewer, working collaboratively towards a final, completed review.