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It is extremely recommendable to study a contemporary classification system of dreadful stories before one starts writing horror book reviews. This operation guarantees that one will not get lost in the sea of books, but quite the contrary get the capability to find the right course avoiding all reefs and shoals. The situation in which a dimwitted reviewer judges one example of nightmare stories ignoring the history of style and neglecting achievements of predecessors is greatly undesirable. Only a patient and scrupulous research of the horror genre brings profits for the future work. Nowadays, there exists a great number of literary tendencies and trends of horror. Moreover, some explorers accentuate that together with great popular directions there also exists a variety of smaller sub-genres, some of which present themselves in a form of one-man style. Complete classification of all horror literature is a thankless and impossible idea. Moreover, one usually has not enough time for these ventures, while performing other tasks according to a or another educational program. Nevertheless, it is possible to formulate a concise definition system that will be advantageous in further reviewing. Here is basic guidelines for an orientation in modern blood-freezing literature:

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