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This is one of the most important parts of book review writing. If you get this part right, you have gotten more than 30% of the writing right. Start looking at books that will be beneficial to you. You cannot waste this whole time just for publication. People who know how to write an academic book review will always choose books that will serve both as a publication and as a research that will be beneficial in the future. The simple advice is to choose books in your field and on topics you have enough background information about. You should also go for recently published books on your chosen topic. Consider the publisher of the book and how reputable they are. Use publications from a press that has links to a university. People are always running to pick books on hot topics. This is good, but you should try and pick a book that is obscure but very useful. It will help you to draw attention to it. Run away from books written by your close acquaintances.

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The introduction is followed by the evaluation and analysis section. This is where you do the bulk of the review. This is where you give your personal evaluation with quotations and examples from the book, so as to prove the assessment you are making about the work. If you are commending the work for being detailed in the assessment of topics, point to the pages, paragraphs and sentences that did this in the book. If you are condemning, a similar thing should be done. For those who know how to write an academic book review, the major reference will come from the book itself. After this, you should move to the conclusion. This is where you give a very clear summation of all you have done. Sate what the work contributes to the field it treats. What does it say about further research on the topic? Also, state what readers will benefit from your review in the bid to understand the milieu or time period being discussed in the book.

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How to Write an Academic Book Review Alternatively, some recommend that graduate students focus on reviewing textbooks or anthologies, since such�

One of the major errors committed by people who are not properly informed is the error of not being able to differentiate between a book review and a book report. Now, to learn how to write an academic book review, you have to first of all understand what a book review is. It is a formal paper that does the work of describing, evaluating and analyzing of a particular source while providing concrete evidence to support the result of the evaluation and analysis. Book reviews may also talk about the differences or similarities between the book and other works on the same subject, and what the book has succeeded in contributing to people's comprehension of a particular topic in history. A book report is a simple story of a book you have read, explaining what it says, but the book review comes with an analysis of the book. You are tasked to pick out the major arguments in the book and how these arguments were supported by the rightful evidence in the book. You should also go ahead and mention the weaknesses and strengths of the book as observed by you. Book report demands your personal opinion based on your emotions. But book review asks for informed, logical arguments based on sound reasoning about the merits and demerits of the book. Here, you work with the evidence, perspective and scope of the book.