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There are a lot of ways to get book reviews – and a lot of companies who will provide them to you. When you want the best reviews possible, however, the answer is found within independent book reviews. These cost less than what the traditional book review companies will charge and will make it easier to attract new buyers to your newest title.

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The Truth About Books is an independent book review website that provides professional, honest book reviews, author interviews, regular competitions and much more!

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The Independent Comic Book Review is your one-stop shopping for all things Indie Comics

Independent book reviews are often inexpensive if not completely free. Real people can read your book and give you feedback. If the independent book reviewers enjoy your book, it’s likely that all the other readers will like your book. It doesn’t matter what the others think because they won’t be buying your book. This means you can save yourself a lot of money and get much better results.

It is not always easy to reviewers who are willing to provide independent book reviews – but they are out there. When it has become too hard to find those willing to write the reviews solely for the cost of a book, it’s advantageous to seek out book companies like Review My Book where the author and reader are matched based upon genre.