Indie Book Reviewers: Welcome, Indie Authors!

As indie authors grow in numbers, the landscape of indie book reviews is changing.A few years ago Kirkus still ignored indie books and Blue Ink didn’t exist—who knows how things will stand a few years from now, or how much might change even in the next few months?

Need some reviews or feedback? It's what we do! Indie Book Reviewers: What We Do

Several major review publications, including *, accept indie books for review. Kirkus is one of the best-known book reviewers, but it reviews indie books only when the publisher pays a $425 fee for the review. That process takes seven to nine weeks; you can shorten that to four to six weeks for $575.

Indie Book Reviewers: Welcome, Indie Authors!

LOOKING FOR GOOD BOOKS TO REVIEW... Indie Book Reviewers: Welcome, Indie Authors!

Getting your book reviewed is an inexpensive but great way to get the word out about your book and get the buzz going. But finding people willing to review your book can take time and work – which is where Indie Book Reviewer comes into play.

Book Reviewers Digital Galley Service gives FREE access to professional book reviewers, journalists, librarians, booksellers, educators, and book bloggers who can help you create buzz. Join Indie Book Review service, get Book Reviewers' Digital Galley service FREE. How? Join and upload a secure PDF file of your book into your private ACCOUNT. Post an announcement about your new work in the Indie Book Reviews section. A special code is assigned to that title inside your private ACCOUNT. When book reviewers make a request we automatically sends an e-mail alert to you. You send the code (along with an auto generated link to your page) to the requesting reader. They access your book FREE. You can add restrictions so that the file can't be printed or copied. And you can refuse any request. PDF files can be read on most any computer, and also on eReaders such as Nook, Kindle, and iPad.I am an artist working on an ebook on the internet everyday since 3rd September 2012. I have been working quite passionately on it, so I am looking for indie ebook reviewers to perhaps review my humble blog.