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Speaking as a former librarian (who used to buy books and answer questions for a living), I can tell you that Kirkus has always been primarily for the library and bookstore buyers, not for individual readers. And that most libraries and bookstores are still leery of indie published books which haven’t jumped through a lot of other hoops besides one paid review/advertisement in Kirkus (or PW, for that matter). Librarians know that those indie book reviews are paid for, and that puts up a red flag for most of them before they even read one.

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Indie Book Review: A Thousand Rooms by Helen Jones

Can you please remove my blog Poetic Parfait from The Indie Book Reviews List?

I’ll add the new podler and see if they want to post to Latest Indie Book reviews. Bit pressed for time at the moment but I’ll be adding your review a little later today. I also have about 15 reviewers to add. Never enough time in a day…