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With our Amazon service, Book Review Broker targets only top reviewers.

We have taken this top 10,000 Amazon reviewers chart and painstakingly pulled out all of the data which is pertinent to securing book reviews. From this top 10,000 list we have extracted the 1,000 best profiles based on interest in genres and whether the reviewers are contactable or not.

When you come to make a booking with Book Review Broker, all you have to do is select the genre you’re interested in securing reviews from (read the planning matrices further down this page to find out what our exact targeting options are). Then you create a small pitch on our site (we give you guidelines on what to write in order to maximize chance of reviews) and submit it to us.

Once you’ve selected your target genre and submitted your pitch to us, we take over from there. Your pitch will be sent directly to these top reviewer targets who will then get back to you via your own email address.

From hereon, it is over to you how you want to negotiate organizing a review with the top reviewers. You can either send them a hardcover or paperback through the post, gift them a copy from your book’s page on Amazon, or you can email them a digital copy.

Price for this service is dependent on the size of the genre you’re targeting.

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[…] Kindle Book Review’s 2014 Kindle Book Awards […]

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