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Many authors turn to professional reviewing services like . Kirkus is a big player in the book world—they’ve been in business since 1933. In exchange for a fee, Kirkus has a professional reviewer read the book and supply an unbiased review of 250–350 words. Reviews can be kept private or published to the Kirkus website and distributed to licensees including Google, Barnes & Noble, and Ingram. Over the years, Kirkus has established a reputation for independence and frankness. Earning a Kirkus star is a coup for any author, but the service isn’t cheap, and there’s no guarantee a review will be positive. Seeking a professional review, such as a Kirkus Indie book review, is a significant investment and your book needs to be ready to face the challenge.

Kirkus Book Review - An American In Rural Egypt

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Excerpts from Kirkus book review on An American in Rural Egypt.

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