London Review of Books. 24 January 2013. Cover: Alexander Gorlizki

Can we all stop for a second to admire this dumbwaiter? It’s a lift. For books. I work for a book publisher and we’re on the third floor. What I wouldn’t do to have one of these in our office… In London Review Bookshop, unlike most bookshops, you’re confronted immediately with non-fiction titles, rather than fiction.

London Review of Books. 25 April 2013. Cover: Alice Spawls.

Peter Campbell, who died this week, was the resident designer and art critic for the London Review of Books. As well as being its most prolific contributor, he also produced the glorious cover illustrations that so distinguished the magazine. Take a look through our gallery of some of his best work

London Review of Books. 21 March 2013. Cover: Cressida Bell.

London Review of Books. 5 December 2013. Cover: Anne Rothenstein.

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