most daring and talented writers." ( Los Angeles Times Book Review

Los Angeles Times Book Review Editor Steve Wasserman speaks to guests as he participates in a panel discussion at the Los Angeles Times 'Festival of Books' event at the University of California Los Angeles April 27, 2003 in Westwood,...

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Brilliant, dazzling, never-before-collected nonfiction writings by "one of America's most daring and talented writers." (Los Angeles Times Book Review).

The LA Times is a leading source of ..

who was considering leaving Los Angeles, went to Alias to sell his own books ..

STEVE WASSERMAN, Former Editor, Los Angeles Times Book Review: Yes. Stronger language perhaps could have been used, but we thought this was the most moderate language we could use under the circumstances, since the Times in its wisdom has decided to end publication of a section which was first seen in 1975 and continuously published as a weekly section devoted to the review of books ever since until Sunday.