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Overall, the Kaplan MCAT Review Book series is an amazing book series that is very similar to that made by The Princeton Review. It focuses primarily on content review, meaning learning the knowledge in a similar format as a textbook. However, far less detailed and only showing you the information that you absolutely need to know.

The Top 5 MCAT Test Prep Book Reviews

After you’ve mastered your study sheets and your MCAT review books, give an impromptu lecture, out loud, without notes. You’ll know you’ve really mastered a topic when you can, entirely from recall, give an organized 10-minute lecture to your dog (who will remain a very attentive student if you’ve got Milkbones handy).

The Top 5 MCAT Test Prep Book Reviews ..

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With 1500 practice questions dispersed throughout, this content review book is quite complete. For many, this MCAT content review book series has enough practice problems for the entire MCAT preparation.