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And newspaper book reviews, which are often accused of hewing too closely to “safe choices,” could learn something from the more freewheeling approach of some of the book blogs, said David L. Ulin, who edits the book review at The Los Angeles Times.

Ian Middleton: Travel Writer- Newspaper Book Reviews

JASON EPSTEIN: Oh, I think so. I don’t think that anything replaces them. I don’t think that the little television snippets or casual book chat can replace a serious book review. Not that all newspaper book reviews are all that serious. They have many kinds of audiences to appeal to. But, no, nothing will take the place of the book review.

Weekend edition newspaper book review, mock up.

Newspaper Book Reviewer

Maud Newton, who has been writing a literary blog since 2002, said she has the freedom to follow obsessions like, say, Mark Twain in a way that a newspaper book review could not, unless there was a current book on the subject. But she would never consider what she does a replacement for more traditional book reviews.