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Why Buy? I've said it before, I'll say it again: The Princeton Review books are easy to understand. Sometimes, it's tough to figure out what you've done wrong on a particular question if you don't "get" the explanation. PR works hard to avoid those comprehension errors by writing readable text. In addition, the book, even with the additional practice tests, is much smaller than Kaplan's at only 880 pages, so if you're easily overwhelmed, this book may be more manageable for you.

Many users have been mildly disappointed with the review materials in the Princeton Review books.

The newest Princeton Review GMAT book comes in two versions: Cracking the GMAT, 2017 Edition and Cracking the GMAT Premium, 2017 Edition. Both Princeton GMAT books are sparse on fundamentals and heavy on estimation and process of elimination (i.e. nifty test gimmicks). The premium version comes with six computer-adaptive practice tests and costs about $7 more than the non-premium version on . (There are less expensive options on .)

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Like all Princeton Review books, countless hours and revisions have been made to make this the most comprehensive and high quality MCAT review book. With great illustrations, clear explanations, and tidbits of strategy to give you the edge you need for the MCAT exam.

For the books, I would recommend the Kaplan comprehensive book. Its not quite as detailed as the Princeton Review books, but it is significantly easier to read, which is definitely important when you're studying for one test for so long.The new 2016 MCAT exam brings 3 new additions to the old MCAT: Psychology, Social and Biochemistry. Therefore, in the revised 2016 Princeton Review MCAT Book Series, students gain access to a whole new book and a biochemistry addition to the biology book.