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If ever a year called for a double, it’s this one. Thankfully, publishers have our backs. Wayne Curtis reviews new books about the spritz, the joys of amaro and some hip, new gins.

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2015 January 22 “Life exists as pathology in New York." Michael Kurcfeld of the Los Angeles Review of Books examines Ken Schles' work. Review and 7 minute video.

Having enjoyed the previous two books, I had eagerly awaited The Golden Age of Charli: GPS to not only become reacquainted with Charli and her world but also to learn new things about her. Jena C. Henry is to be applauded for succeeding at writing a book that provides a delightful slice of life that will satiate readers’ appetites for excellence.Note: This review gives the views of the author, and not the position of the LSE Review of Books blog, or of the London School of Economics.