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You need to compete with the millions of other book titles out there. This means you need to start getting reviews of your book out there today. Review My Book offers you a variety of packages to choose from to get the reviews you need from real-life readers that are interested in the genre you have written in.

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Review My Book will then automatically match the book with reviewers who are best suited for the subject of your book and who have shown an interest in reviewing books within your genre. We will match your book with more reviewers than what you pay for to ensure that you get the total number of reviews that you pay for. We do this to meet deadlines as not all reviewers will decide to read your title.

Review My Book is an easy process

I am honored to have Andrew Joyce review my book. The fairies are all abuzz this morning! ❤

As a writer, the most valuable thing I have is time. If somebody credible takes the time to review my book, I’d happily pay them. Time is precious to everyone.