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Old news … the London Review of Books is no longer top of young people’s reading lists as other literary magazines embrace technology. Photograph: Graham Turner

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Thank you very much for your comprehensive reviews of books, I read all of them. however, I’m a little bit confused now and don’t know what the best book is for excelling in Verbal section of GRE, I also need a book with a good ” Text completions/sentence equivalence” section. Or let me put my words in a more clear structures, I would be grateful if you could specify the best book separately for each section of GRE, i.e. Vocabulary, Reading Comprehension, Text Completions/Sentence Equivalence, Writing, Math. Thanks in advance

London Review of Books · 19 January 2017

London Review of Books

His book Dangerous received a $250,000 advance from Threshold Editions, an imprint of Simon & Schuster, horrifying many in the publishing industry. The editor of the Chicago Review of Books review any Simon & Schuster books this year because the company “peddles hate speech for profit”.

2015 January 22 “Life exists as pathology in New York." Michael Kurcfeld of the Los Angeles Review of Books examines Ken Schles' work. Review and 7 minute video.The collection's correspondence files offer an exciting assemblage of material. At the center are exchanges between contributors and the editorial staff, but there are also letters from readers, submissions from would-be-contributors, and—more often than one might expect—complaints from writers about the 's reviews of their books. In a letter to one such displeased author, editor Karl Miller explains, "Once a book goes out for review we feel we should accept what we are presented with except in cases of factual error and of what you call 'viciousness.'" Letters such as this illuminate the magazine's editorial policies and serve as a forceful reminder that a literary career is not for the faint of heart.