Scholarly book reviewing in the social sciences and humanities.

This article examines the status of the book review as a form of scholarly publication in the humanities, looking at the role and characteristics of humanities book reviews and at who writes them and why. It examines evidence for the influence and impact of book reviews in the humanities and makes suggestions for the future of the scholarly book review in an online information environment.

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Ultimately, the true value of a scholarly book review lies in its proper execution. An inferior review is one that simply describes the book's content, marching through each chapter (Chapter One does this, Chapter Two does that) as if on a mission to get to the end as quickly and efficiently as possible. Too often, the summary is itself subordinated to fault-finding, as if that's what reviewing means.

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Protagonists’ identification in scholarly book reviews (1890–2008

A book review usually runs between 2-4 pages, or 1000-2000 words, depending on guidelines given by particular professors. This assignment helps you read and write critically about secondary sources. Scholarly book reviews should briefly summarize the author’s project and thesis and then analyze the value of that project. Ask yourself the following questions:

Reviews in scholarly journals evaluate books and the research, theory, andmethodology therein. Scholarly reviews also discuss how the book relates toother books on the subject. These lengthy reviews allow readers to stay currentwith research and thought in their field even if it is outside their direct areaof interest and they are unlikely to read the entire book. Some of theways to locate scholarly book reviews in history are:At a recent talk, Chris Grasso and Karin Wulf discussed and book reviews. Wulf serves as the Book Review Editor for The William and Mary Quarterly. From this position, she offered an enlightening perspective on how to publish scholarly book reviews.