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Every kind of fictional or nonfictional papers has its own peculiarities and main targets. Horror books format is designed to scare people, brochures supplies students with necessary medical information, child stories entertain and teach kids, satiric pamphlets denounce social and political inequality. The main goal of the fantastic genre is a prognostication of future technologies and their influence on a lifestyle of all humankind and single personality, as well. Naturally, along with the forecasting fantastic novels also provide entertainment, education and simple pleasure of reading a well-written story. A reviewer has to designate the main characteristics and purposes of the book under study in order to achieve synchronization with the author’s thoughts. It is practically impossible to judge the book without a clear understanding of its main objectives. Otherwise, a reviewer would upbraid a comedy novelette because of its unrealistic plot, and blame a hard SF novel because of its scientific complexity. Everyone will agree that this approach is not acceptable in writing science fiction book reviews. Therefore, it is extremely recommendable to consider the main characteristics of review papers before the final judgment. Modern literary criticism allocates these primal directions of fantastic genre, according to its leading features, namely:

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