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by Jennifer Senior. Ecco. An exhausting and compassionate investigation into raising children in the 21st century.
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In 2012,  launched the Slate Book Review, a monthly books section edited by Dan Kois.


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Called the Slate Book Review, it will be published on the first Saturday of each month. The first section will have 13 articles.

Electric Literature: ‘Critical Hit Awards’ is really just an anagram for ‘Rad Satirical Witch’. What kind of editorial balance do you try to bring to the Slate Book Review overall? Balance between what and what?

Electric Literature: If your reviews carried no identifying marks — no Slate logo, no byline — would a reader be able to guess that they came from the Slate Book Review? Should they be able to?We’re very excited for you to read all that the new Slate Book Review has to offer. Follow us on Twitter , and bookmark or pin our new homepage: .You’ll notice as well that this month’s Slate Book Review is illustrated by cartoonist Derf Backderf, whose excellent graphic novel comes out this month. Each issue of the Review will feature the work of a different cartoonist, who will also customize the Slate Book Review logo to suit his or her fancy. by Sarah Waters. Riverhead Books. A rich, engrossing, and thrillingly erotic novel about a landlady finding and losing herself in 1920s England.
Read in the Slate Book Review. by Claudia Rankine. Graywolf Press. A collection of poems exploring, with thorny genius, the damage that the language of race in America does to the body.
Read in the Slate Book Review.In June, that it would be launching a new laptop in August, and that this particular laptop would run rather than Windows or Chrome OS. We managed to get some hands-on time with the new HP SlateBook during the company's HP Connected Music event on 23 July, so here's our HP SlateBook review based on our experience with the laptop so far.