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There are other fine options out there for organizing student book reviews. Schools that take advantage of Google Apps for Education have some great sharing tools at their disposal. To start, students who use Google Docs and/or Google Presentations to craft book reviews can simply publish their work by choosing “publish to Web” in their sharing settings. After that, I’d suggest you use Google Forms to collect the published reviews in one spot. To do so, simply create a Google Form where students submit links to their published reviews. Designate sections for genres and/or grade levels to make it easy for you to sort the submitted reviews. Information collected through Google Forms goes to a Google Spreadsheet that you can then share with your teacher colleagues and students.

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Step 5: Explain to students that they will begin writing book reviews for books that they read independently. (You will need to decide how many book reviews students will be required to write each month, or whether you will choose for it to be optional. I send home a monthly calendar with dates that specific students have book reviews due. Each student ends up writing one review each month. Depending on how many students you have in your classroom, you will probably have five or six students have book reviews due each week.)

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We put a lot of stock in personal recommendations—particularly when it comes to books. Plenty of websites offer tips on great reads, but none will carry as much weight with your students as a site based on peer recommendations. The next time your students create book reviews, either independently or as a class assignment, consider compiling them on a website that the whole school can access.