The New York Times: Sunday Book Review

“It would set [Jacob Lawrence] on a course of storytelling through smaller, serial images that suggest scenes of a film rather than a single tapestry.”
— Isabel Wilkerson, NYT Sunday Book Review

Huzzah! We made it to the New York Times Sunday book review present and unscathed!

As I said, the book is an engrossing interweaving of Rizvi’s personal story as an apostate Muslim and the teachings of Islam that he finds reprehensible and oppressive. I was thus pleased to hear from reader Bryan that in its Sunday Book Review section, and that the reviewer was none other than , once a basketball great and now a public intellectual. Jabbar is also a practicing and moderate Muslim.

The New York Times: Sunday Book Review Text Version

A version of this review appears in print on October 2, 2016, on page BR1 of the Sunday Book Review with the headline: Running Through Time.

FEATURING “ILLUSTRATED BOOKS, art-themed fiction, artist biography, nonfiction about the art world, original photography and original artwork,” the New York Times published its first-ever art-themed Sunday Book Review section today (June 28, 2015). The print version arrived in this morning’s paper, but the reviews began appearing online Wednesday and a featuring all of the content in the issue went live early on Friday.