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Typically with Ultrabook reviews, we only mention other ultraportables in this comparison shopping section because, well, most machines in that size and weight class are Ultrabooks. With the 14-inch Series 5, though, the line between Intel-sanctioned Ultrabooks and regular laptops is blurrier. Given the larger screen size, its relative heft and that optical drive, why not compare it to thin-and-light notebooks that are just a smidge too heavy to be called Ultrabooks?

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Techradar, one of the mainstream tech sites in the UK, has had enough time with the to put out an early review. There’s nothing here to get too excited about if you’ve been reading other Ultrabook reviews but an SSD-based laptop for this price is certainly worth considering, ultrabook or not.

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In Review Dell XPS 139343 Test Model Provided By Dell US. Dell Xps 139343 Touchscreen Ultrabook Review.

And now that you’ve read a summary of what an ultrabook is, seen the tips for picking out the right one, and gotten a look at the ultrabook reviews themselves: now is the time to make a decision on the best ultrabook for you. Understand what factors matter most in your choice, weigh the pros and cons, and figure out what you’ll ultimately (pun not intended) be most comfortable with in 2017.